How to Make Crispy Egg Roll

This super delicious popular in last century’s that made at home also has a other great flavor, but it is the ingredients in the memory, as long as master four know-how (attached to the end of the article), mix and wait for half an hour, it’s pretty smooth sailing after gently rolling up a few pieces.

Just for a moment, you will finish a full plate of egg rolls, it is absolutely great both for sending people and eating at home. It is mother’s day this weekend, sent this plate of homemade egg rolls in childhood to mother.

Handmade egg rolls are delicious and super crisp.You will feel the sweet smell of egg rolls immediately and it will bring you into the childhood.

You can also add a little black sesame seed in egg rolls, then, finished product is black sesame omelet.

If you like a slightly burnt, you can baking it for a little more than a few seconds, when I also a child, I also choose some burnt to eat .

Store the leftover egg rolls in a baggie, or the damp will affect the crisp taste.

How to Make Crispy Egg Roll:


100 g butter, sweet potato mud 100 grams, low muscle flour 100 g, 80 g sugar, 150 grams eggs, milk 35 grams.


1. Filter flour with sieve, set aside.

2: Remove the peel of sweet potatoes, and steam them after slicing into pieces, place it in the pot after filtering with sieve.

3. Put the small pieces of butter into the pot.

4. Pour into sugar, Mix well.

5. Add the liquid scattered eggs into the pot, add a little after mixing the egg.

6. Pour the milk. Mix well.

7. When the temperature is about 40 degrees, put the pot in warm water, stir it in one direction for 15 seconds.

8. Add the flour.

9. Mix well with scraper until there is no any tiny particles, rest for 30 minutes.

10. set the mold on stove fire small for preheating, apply a spoon of adequate amount of batter on the mold.

11. Immediately close the lid, baking for around 15-20 seconds.

12. Open the lid, roll up the egg by chopsticks from from outside to inside. Done!

Four tips for making homemade crisp egg rolls.

A. Adding egg divided for several times, because the egg yolk contains oil, if you add the egg for one time, the oil and water will dispart and can’t mix well the batter.

B: Open the lid until the rolls is mature (about 15 to 20 seconds or so, according to the quantity of egg and the taste you like) or the immature rolls would be torn, cannot form a complete egg.

C. Baking the roll on the small fire, turning around for a few times, so coloring will be even.

D: The amount of reducing sugar won’t be excessive, otherwise, it will affect the crispy and coloring.

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