How to Make Cute and Appetitive Fruit Platter and Fruit Tray with Apple

Make Cute Apple Crabs Fruit Tray

Tools: fruit knife, toothpicks

Materials: one red apple, one guava, four black beans

Approach to make cute apple crabs fruit tray: 

1: Cut the red apple into three equal parts longitudinally, one part is for making the body of crab, one part is for making the feet of crab, and middle part with core is for making pincers.

2: Cut off the core of the part for making pincers. Cut from two-thirds part vertically. 

3: Cut off a small piece on one end on the other two parts. 

4: Use a knife to cut meat among the apple, show an slightly bent eight-lane.

5: Choose a larger side, cut with 2 knife to make a small V as the nippers.

6: As the crab feet part, first to cut half, then, cut into four parts, totally 8 pieces.

7. Place the feet in line, put on the crab body,  put black beans toothpick as eyes.

Tips: Because apple is easy to become oxidative, after cutting it, immerse it in lemon juice, or the crab will becmoe black.

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